Thursday, July 1, 2010


Though it’s not the most abundant element on the Earth, as one popular homepathic text claims, silicon dioxide is the most abundant mineral in the Earth’s crust. In homeopathy, silica is regarded as essential to human health.

The Silica Physiology

People who benefit from silica are perennially cold, especially in their extremities. They shun cold spaces and are especially opposed to damp cold. People with silica constitutions prefer warm food and beverages to cold items.

Silica bodies are often overweight and they tend to carry this weight on their body instead of evenly distributed. This gives them a soft, “pudgy” look. They shun exercise and tire easily.

Homeopathic medicine regards the silica constitution as one that is “slow” and tells us that everything about a silica person is slower than normal. Their wounds heal slowly and they take longer to recover from illnesses.

The Silica Personality

Because they tend to be overweight—and especially with soft, round features—silica personalities are often described as “dim-witted” or “sluggish”. In fact, they are intelligent, intuitive souls who simply tire easily and become bored quickly.

Silica in Homeopathic Medicine

Homeopaths prescribe silica for situations made worse by cold, damp air and excessive noise or excitement. Silica is a popular remedy for splinters, the side effects of childhood vaccinations and various menstrual issues.

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